“Sweden from Above” at House of Sweden

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The Swedish photographer Lars Bygdemark

PHOTOGRAPHER Lars Bygdemark presented a show of his unique aerial photographs as well as his experiences documenting Sweden and its shapes from above at the House of Sweden in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, September 27. The event was presented in connection with the exhibition “Shapes of a Landscape — Sweden from Above.” His images reveal far more than just the land or sea below. They are abstract art that is intriguing and beautiful. Furthermore in the age of digital photography Bygdemark steadfastly continues to shoot on film. He says that film gives a consistently higher quality that he needs for his photographs.

LARS BYGDEMARK, born and raised in Västerbotten, is without a doubt Sweden’s foremost aerial photographer. On behalf of various clients, he has flown over Sweden for thirty years, taking hundreds of thousands of pictures of a country presenting many different types of landscapes.

LARS BYGDEMARK was recognized as Nature Photographer of the Year 2004, by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, and he has published several books. The most comprehensive and well-known book is Sverige från ovan, also published in English, Sweden from Above (2006).

The exhibition will be at the House of Sweden in Washington, D.C., through December 2008.

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