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New Swedish Kaf?in Manhattan


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WHEN YOU walk into the AQ Kaf?at Columbus Circle in New York, you are greeted with an array of Swedish and other Scandinavian delicacies and typical Swedish design featuring blond wood and white, spare interior space. Right away you feel at home and hungry.

EVEN THOUGH the staff may not be Swedish or even know a single word of Swedish, they soon let you know that this place is warm and inviting.

PERHAPS THEY are reflecting the personality of one of the owners of the place, Marcus Samuelsson, who along with H?an Swahn, is famous for the Aquavit restaurant on 55th Street in Manhattan.

OPENED last September, AQ Kaf?is a delight, where you can refresh yourself with hearty soups, tasty sandwiches and great coffee. Of course, you will probably want to treat yourself to a few Swedish pastries before you leave and maybe pick up a loaf of Swedish bread to take home. Perhaps when the restaurant gets its liquor license, they will then also offer beer and other beverages to complement the fine menu.

LOCATED at 1800 Broadway, on Columbus Circle, it’s a must stop in any Swede’s tour of New York City.


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AQ Kaf?staff 


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Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman at the National Press Club

Paul Krugman signs books

Nobel Prize winner 2008 Paul Krugman signs books at the National Press Club.

NOBEL Laureate, Princeton economics professor and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman came to the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on Friday bearing bad news.

“I AM scared of 2009,” he said. “In this economy, everything that can go belly up, will.”

BUT HE said he was optimistic about 2010, maybe.

Paul Krugman

Princeton economics professor Paul Krugman

WITH HIS GREAT wit and characteristic good humor, he explained some of the more complex aspects of today’s economy with a clarity that non-economists could understand. Unfortunately, he thinks that the country and economists don’t really know what will make the economy turn around. But spending on “shovel-ready” projects is probably a good place to start.

IF YOU WANT to watch Mr. Krugman’s whole speech, go to:

St. Lucia Ball at the House of Sweden Celebrates Holiday Tradition

StLuciaBall20081213 027.JPG

Nunu Wako, David Matthew and Jenny M?lqvist

A ST. LUCIA BALL to celebrate the grand Swedish holiday of Santa Lucia, the saint of lights – in the darkest time of the year — was held Saturday night, December 13, at the House of Sweden in Washington, D.C. It was a gala evening with a traditional Lucia procession, singing of Christmas music, Swedish (Julbord) cuisine and dancing to live music.

StLuciaBall20081213 015.JPG

Sofia Ruhne and Niklas Bengtsson

StLuciaBall20081213 002.JPG

Tara Eliza Castillo and Erika Lucas

Lucia.PinkLineProject.20081213 001.JPG
StLuciaBall20081213 023.JPG

Robert Groshon

StLuciaBall20081213 003.JPG

Anna Dahl and Suzanne Schols

StLuciaBall20081213 014.JPG
StLuciaBall20081213 021.JPG

Maria Ekman, Astri Kimball and Jennifer Carcich

StLuciaBall20081213 020.JPG
StLuciaBall20081213 034.JPG

Christina Hoffman, Linda Tocchini-Valentini and Robin Lindgren

StLuciaBall20081213 030.JPG
StLuciaBall20081213 025.JPG

Christine Yacoub

StLuciaBall20081213 010.JPG
StLuciaBall20081213 005.JPG

Art and Fashion at Tee Party

Lucia.PinkLineProject.20081213 038.JPG

Glamour Grrls at the Tee Party event

LOTS OF PEOPLE flocked to the Tee Party@Tiffany’s, another great art event arranged by The Pink Line Project, which was held at the Arlington Arts Center, in Arlington, Virginia, on Friday night.

IT WAS an art-meets-fashion party created by Philippa Hughes, the art guru/glamour grrl of the Washington art scene. Philippa is the founder of The Pink Line Project.

THE PARTY’S fashion show featured T-shirt designs by Kristina Bilonick, Billy Colbert, DC51, DECOY, Cory Oberndorfer and Lisa Marie Thalhammer. There was also a presentation titled “Panel Discussion: The intersection between Art and Fashion,” with Kristina Bilonick as the moderator, and panelists artist Billy Colbert, blogger Rachel Cothran from and Tom Pipkin of DC Source, a soon-to-be-launched Web site featuring an original line of DC influenced street gear.

Lucia.PinkLineProject.20081213 042.JPG

Philippa Hughes from The Pink Line Project and designer Alicia Cosnahan, DECOY

Lucia.PinkLineProject.20081213 026.JPG

Rita O’Hara and artist Evan Reed

Lucia.PinkLineProject.20081213 028.JPG

A “sculpture in progress” by Evan Reed

Lucia.PinkLineProject.20081213 029.JPG

A figure in wax by Evan Reed called O’tanjoobi (Japanese for birthday)

Lucia.PinkLineProject.20081213 040.JPG

Creative Christmas outfit made of cellophane

Lucia.PinkLineProject.20081213 045.JPG

Artist Lisa Marie Thalhammer in front of her T-shirt designs

Lucia.PinkLineProject.20081213 032.JPG

“Intrepide Indulgence” by Monica Stroik

Lucia.PinkLineProject.20081213 020.JPG

Arlington Arts Center, where the Tee Party @ Tiffany’s event was held on Friday night