St. Lucia Ball at the House of Sweden Celebrates Holiday Tradition

StLuciaBall20081213 027.JPG

Nunu Wako, David Matthew and Jenny M?lqvist

A ST. LUCIA BALL to celebrate the grand Swedish holiday of Santa Lucia, the saint of lights – in the darkest time of the year — was held Saturday night, December 13, at the House of Sweden in Washington, D.C. It was a gala evening with a traditional Lucia procession, singing of Christmas music, Swedish (Julbord) cuisine and dancing to live music.

StLuciaBall20081213 015.JPG

Sofia Ruhne and Niklas Bengtsson

StLuciaBall20081213 002.JPG

Tara Eliza Castillo and Erika Lucas

Lucia.PinkLineProject.20081213 001.JPG
StLuciaBall20081213 023.JPG

Robert Groshon

StLuciaBall20081213 003.JPG

Anna Dahl and Suzanne Schols

StLuciaBall20081213 014.JPG
StLuciaBall20081213 021.JPG

Maria Ekman, Astri Kimball and Jennifer Carcich

StLuciaBall20081213 020.JPG
StLuciaBall20081213 034.JPG

Christina Hoffman, Linda Tocchini-Valentini and Robin Lindgren

StLuciaBall20081213 030.JPG
StLuciaBall20081213 025.JPG

Christine Yacoub

StLuciaBall20081213 010.JPG
StLuciaBall20081213 005.JPG


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