Swedish Actor G?ran Gillinger’s performance in ‘A Swedish Tiger’ gets excellent reviews in The Washington Post

Daniel C. Edwards and Goran Gillinger

Actors Daniel C. Edwards and G?ran Gillinger

“A SWEDISH TIGER” – the powerful story of Swedish collaboration with the Nazis during World War II – performed by Swedish actor G?ran Gillinger, and Daniel C. Edwards, at the Synetic Theater in Arlington, Va. – gets excellent reviews by The Washington Post critic Nelson Pressley in the Post’s Monday, May 4th edition.

THE POST CRITIC writes that “here is what you can get in an hour’s worth of European avant-garde these days: a wry artistic manifesto, a spectacular one-man re-creation of a Hollywood action movie and an excavation of a nation’s unexpectedly dark soul.”

MR. PRESSLEY continues that “A Swedish Tiger” meets the Synetic’s house standard for physical performance, and he is particularly impressed with G?ran Gillinger’s action sequence.

THE BYSTANDER, in a tiger suit, is played by Daniel C. Edwards, and as the play goes along, it becomes more and more obvious that the good-natured and docile tiger is the real object of Gillinger’s wrath. Pressley adds that “Gillinger uses his tools well, getting comic mileage out of an overhead projector and creating stark effects with plain words.”

G?AN GILLINGER, a born and raised Swede who plays the lead role, and directs and co-wrote “A Swedish Tiger,” a play that exposes the deep dark side of the Swedish “neutrality” and accommodation with the Nazis in World War II. During the war, the Swedish government designed a logo portraying a tiger in the colors of the Swedish flag and instituted the motto “A Swede is always quiet.” The word “tiger” in Swedish not only means the wild animal, but it also means “to be quiet.”

G?AN GILLINGER WAS classically trained at the Royal Academy of Acting in Stockholm and at the Stella Adler Academy of Acting and Theatres in Los Angeles. He has played lead roles in drama and comedy productions on Swedish National Television, Sweden’s TV4 and in several major motion pictures, as well as Sweden’s largest stages in productions of Moli?e, Shakespeare, Sam Shepard and many more. In 2008, Mr. Gillinger was part of the ensemble cast of Hamlet at the Shakespeare Theater Company in Washington, D.C.

“A SWEDISH TIGER” plays Thursdays through Sundays at 8 p.m., through May 24, at the Synetic Theater, 4041 Campbell Street in the Shirlington District of Arlington, Va. Tickets are $20 for everyone except students and people under 25 years of age who pay $10. To reserve tickets, call (703) 824-8061.


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