Artist Rodgers Naylor shows paintings at Susan Calloway Fine Arts in Washington

Painter Rodgers Naylor and gallery owner Susan Calloway, Susan Calloway Fine Arts

Painter Rodgers Naylor and gallery owner Susan Calloway, Susan Calloway Fine Arts

WASHINGTON, D.C. born artist Rodgers Naylor works in an “alla prima” manner, usually beginning with a warm-tone under painting and completing a painting in one session when possible. This method, since it involves painting directly into wet paint, allows great flexibility in mixing colors and attaining soft edges, and fosters a fresh, spontaneous approach to painting.

Architect Christian Zapatka

Architect Christian Zapatka

ON FRIDAY EVENING, February 19, the opening reception of Naylor’s exhibition “Here and There” was held at Susan Calloway Fine Arts in Washington, D.C. The exhibition consists of paintings of urban life, including scenes from Washington, D.C., Chicago, and other US cities, as well as places in Mediterranean European such as Barcelona and various towns in southern France.

New Yorkers Rob O'Donnell and Robert Tursi

New Yorkers Rob O’Donnell and Robert Tursi

THE ARTWORK SHOWS the artist’s strong interest in the effects of light and shadow, warm and cool colors, and the interplay between the landscape and its human inhabitants. Rodgers Naylor, who grew up on a farm in Maryland, currently resides in Colorado, and gathers inspiration both close to home and in his distant travels.

Photographer Holly Foss and the artist's sister Debra Naylor

Photographer Holly Foss and the artist’s sister Debra Naylor

SUSAN CALLOWAY FINE ARTS is located at 1643 Wisconsin Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C.20007. Tel. 202-965-4601,, and e-mail:

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