Honorary Swedish Consul General in San Francisco Barbro Sachs Osher to Speak at a SACU Luncheon in Washington

SWEDEN OR SWITZERLAND? Challenges in representing Sweden on the West Coast” will be the topic at a Swedish-American Cultural Union (SACU) luncheon in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, April 21, with Barbara Sachs Osher as the speaker. Ms. Osher is the Honorary Swedish Consul General in San Francisco and a well-known philanthropist and chair of the Bernard Osher Foundation and the Pro Suecia Foundation.

THE LUNCHEON WILL be held at The Pier Seven Restaurant, The Channel Inn, 650 Water Street, S.W. on the Washington waterfront, beginning at noon with “no host” cocktail and concluding by 2 p.m. For SACU and SWEA members cost is $25, non-members $29. Parking is available on the street or in the Channel Inn parking garage. For non-drivers, the Waterfront Station of the Metro Green Line is located conveniently nearby. For reservations, please call the SACU and SWEA representative, Marianne Gustafson at 202-338-2709 or by e-mail: gustafsonm@comcast.net.

Swedish-American Cultural Union – Thirty-Five Years of Sharing Ideas

AMBASSADOR of Sweden Wilhelm Wachtmeister encouraged its establishment “to promote the interchange of ideas and information between citizens of the United States of America… and of the Kingdom of Sweden in the cultural sphere, including… the arts, physical sciences and social sciences and the practical issues of quality education, social wellbeing, private enterprise, economic policy, and the human environment, in a highly urbanized and industrialized democratic society,” and SACU became a nonprofit corporation under the laws of the District of Columbia in December 1975. Lecture-luncheons are the chief SACU venue.

EVERY SUBSEQUENT ambassador of Sweden has addressed SACU members and guests and nearly every ambassador of the United States to Sweden since then, as well as distinguished journalists of both countries, Swedish officials of the EU and of the IMF, Swedish playwrights, authors, critics, poets, musicians and scholars of art, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and a Swedish judge of Svea Hovr?t, a renowned American naval historian, the former Chief of Research for the U.S. Navy, and a Swede who is directing alcoholism treatment research at our National Institutes of Health.
Upcoming luncheon events this spring will feature lectures by the Swedish honorary general consul in San Francisco, California, Barbro Osher (on April 21) and noted economist and author specializing in Russia, Dr. Anders ?lund (on May 27).


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