Sailing Event with Kalmar Nyckel in Delaware to Celebrate Drott Lodge’s 100th Anniversary

Wilmington.20090103 016.JPG

The replica ship of Kalmar Nyckel at the dock in Wilmington, Delaware

In connection with the celebration of Drott Lodge’s 100th Anniversary, the Scandinavian-American organization has arranged a sailing event on October 2, 2010, with Kalmar Nyckel, the replica of the ship that brought Swedish and Finnish settlers to America. Boarding will be at the dock in Wilmington, Delaware, at 11 a.m. for the 90 minute sail, while the crew in period costume gives the history of the ship and the immigration from Sweden to New Sweden, in Delaware.

Following the sail, there will be a lunch at Iron Hill Brewery and a visit to Old Swede’s Church with a guided tour of the church, graveyard and Hendericksson’s house. On the way back, a brief stop is planned at the Fort Christina Memorial with a short tour of the grounds where Fort Christina once stood.

For information contact Bob Dyer at 703-536-7244 or

Kalmar Nyckel



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