Olivia Stevens to perform her show ‘Passion’ at House of Sweden in Washington

ON FRIDAY evening, February 25, 2011, Swedish artist Olivia Stevens (www.oliviastevens.com) will perform her show “Passion” at a sold-out event at House of Sweden in Washington, D.C.

STOCKHOLM-BORN performer Olivia Stevens have over the last few years gaining recognition for both her acting and singing on the scenes in Europe and New York. She co-starts in the feature film “Lies to Love,” which is to be released this year. Additionally, she has toured with her one-woman shows, and played for full houses in Europe and New York City. She has performed in Swedish and English as well as in French and German.

OLIVIA STEVENS will be part of the inauguration events for the new program theme called “Fabric of Life,” which will explore the fabric of life through the life cycle of man: child, teen, adult, elderly. Examples of research and ideas, as well as products and services which improve life quality and ease every individual’s existence will be showcased at House of Sweden.


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