Splendid performance with artist Olivia Stevens in Washington

Per Augustsson, Eva Bergqvist, artist Olivia Stevens, Carl Jan Granqvist, Gabriella Augustsson and Holger Carlsson Per Augustsson, Senior Fellow and Diplomat-in-Residence at SAIS; Eva Bergquist, cultural counselor at the Embassy of Sweden; Olivia Stevens, acclaimed Swedish-American performing artist; Professor Carl Jan Granqvist of Vink?laren Grappe in Stockholm, Sweden; Gabriella Augustsson, press counselor at the Embassy of Sweden; and Holger Carlsson of LW Productions.

IT WAS QUITE an evening when Swedish-American artist Olivia Stevens (www.oliviastevens.com) performed her program “Passion,” with Erich Rauch playing the piano, at the House of Sweden in Washington last night, Friday, February 25. She delivered a rich mixture of songs and stories from her Swedish, French, Norwegian and American experiences, with lyrics and narratives in Swedish, English, French and German.

Inka Reilly, performing artist Olivia Stevens, and Marie-Louise BernalInka Reilly, performing artist Olivia Stevens, and Marie-Louise Bernal

FOR THE OCCASION, the House of Sweden transformed its Alfred Nobel Hall into a cabaret night club for the performance, complete with cocktail tables with candles, low lights and plenty of wine for the audience.

Maude Svensson and Lars Engstr?m of the IMFMaude Svensson and Lars Engstr?m of the IMF

MS. STEVENS WAS born in Sweden to an American father and a Swedish mother, and is now based in New York and Stockholm. She has starred in plays and musicals in London, Stockholm, Oslo and Warsaw. Being a true cosmopolitan, she has performed at the Th?tre du Soleil in Paris, played Shakespeare in London and Oscar Wilde in New York. Critics hailed her leading roles in Cabaret, West Side Story and Chess as “outstanding.”

Performing artist Olivia Stevens performs at the House of SwedenTHIS YEAR, Olivia Stevens has performed her acclaimed one-woman shows “Pleasure & Peril” and “Romance” to sold-out audiences in Europe and New York City. She has also co-starred in the feature film “All Screwed Up,” and her Swedish feature film “Lies to Love” opens in Europe this spring.


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