Swedish Washington-based journalist Lovisa Frost talked about her experience in covering the White House at a SACU luncheon

SACU Chairman Nils Bruzelius and Swedish Washington-based journalist Lovisa FrostSACU Chairman Nils Bruzelius and Swedish Washington-based journalist Lovisa Frost

“INSIDE THE White House: A Swedish Journalist Close-up” was the title of a SACU (Swedish American Cultural Union) luncheon with Swedish Washington-based executive producer and correspondent Lovisa Frost in Washington on Tuesday, February 15.

MS. FROST, who grew up outside H??r in Sk?e in southern Sweden, has covered the White House, Capitol Hill and presidential politics for more than 10 years for Talk Radio News Service, a network of American talk radio stations. And she has reported on them in detail for the often-passionate audiences that follow talk radio.

IN HER INTERESTING and witty speech, and with her uniquely close-up view of the last three administrations and workings of American politics, she discussed how the White House and America’s increasingly fractious political system look to a journalist with a Swedish perspective, and explored the differences between Swedish and American media and how they cover politics, among other things.

EDUCATED AT University of Sk?vde in Sweden followed by studies in the U.S. – Shenandoah University and University of Maryland – she has previously worked at the leading Swedish daily newspaper Sk?ska Dagbladet, which is based on Malm?, Sweden.


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