Swedish Minister of Health and Social Affairs Ulf Kristersson visited Washington, D.C.

Karin Olofsdotter, Anna Hal?, Ulf Kristersson, Fredrik Johansson, Cecilia Browning and Therese Lind?quot; src=Karin Olofsdotter, Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Sweden; Anna Hal?, Deputy Director, Ministry of Health and Social Affairs; Ulf Kristersson, Swedish Minister of Health and Social Affairs; Fredrik Johansson, Political Advisor, Ministry of Health and Social Affairs; Cecilia Browning, chair of SWEA Washington, D.C.; and Therese Lind? chair of SNS Washington, D.C.

SWEDISH Minister of Health and Social Affairs Ulf Kristersson presented a seminar on “Welfare State and High Growth — How is it Possible?” (“V??dsstat och h?g tillv?t – hur ? det m?jligt?”) Thursday evening, June 16 at the House of Sweden. Sponsored by SWEA Washinton, D.C. and SNS Washington, D.C., the seminar explored the issues and policies associated with Sweden’s provisions for pension, health care and unemployment support for its population.

In fact, Sweden has one of the most generous social welfare programs in the world, and Mr. Kristersson discussed how the country, despite that fact, still has had high growth over the last decade. This is a utopia, which many countries, including the United States, think is not possible. He also discussed how over the last five years, an alliance of moderates, liberals, Christian democrats and centrists have implemented several reforms of the Swedish welfare programs.

SWEA is the Swedish Women’s Educational Association. SNS (Studief?rbundet N?ingsliv och Samh?le) is an independent network of leading decision makers from the private and public sectors who share a commitment to social and economic development in Sweden. Its aim is to improve the basis for rational decisions on major social and economic issues, by promoting social science research and stimulating public debate.


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