Exhibition with Michelle Peterson-Albandoz opens at Long View Gallery in Washington, D.C.

Artist Michelle Peterson-AlbandozArtist Michelle Peterson-Albandoz

ON THURSDAY EVENING, October 20th, an exhibition of works by artist Michelle Peterson-Albandoz opened at Long View Gallery in Washington, D.C.

MS. PETERSON-ALBANDOZ grew up surrounded by forests in both Connecticut and Puerto Rico, and found a connection to them that has lasted throughout her creative career. Having lived in Chicago for nearly 20 years, she has been surrounded by a constantly changing urban landscape, full of both destruction and construction. Historic but decrepit wood buildings were pulled down like trees in logging sites and their planks and beams were systematically dumped into landfills, rotting in piles. Her artwork has benefited from a visceral response to this waste. She began collecting heaps of the discarded wood and turning them into the basis of her artistic process today.

Untitled Hexagon Construction 1, 2 Untitled Hexagon Construction 1, 2

“WITH A MINIMALIST set of aesthetics, the viewer can meditate on the wood without being distracted by an imposed narrative. This allows the viewer to create their own personal relationship with the materials and at least for a moment, feel a deeper connection with nature. In this way, I hope to help shift the tides of our collective cultural awareness towards a more environmentally sensitive society,” says Michelle Peterson-Albandoz.

Long View Gallery is located at 1234 Ninth Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. Tel. 202-232-4788. For more information: www.longviewgallery.com.

Artwork by Michelle Peterson-AlbandozArtwork by Michelle Peterson-Albandoz


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