KTH Alumni starts chapters in North America

ON OCTOBER 20 a group of alumni from KTH (The Stockholm Institute of Technology or Kungliga Tekniska H?gskolan in Stockholm, Sweden) met at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. to discuss establishing a Washington, D.C. Chapter, and plans for future activities. Many ideas and priorities were presented, including the creation of a social and professional network for KTH alumni to assist new KTH arrivals to the Washington area, and the implementation of a platform for information and knowledge exchange. Future activities will include seminars, lectures and networking events. The chapter also hopes to welcome representatives from KTH faculty to meet with local alumni.

THE GROUP IS also hoping to develop activities in collaboration with other KTH Chapters in North America. The local chapter plans to hold meetings about every six weeks, and the next meeting is scheduled to the first week of December (date to be announced). Key contact person is Thomas Unander-Scharin. He can be reached at Thomas.unanderscharin@gmail.com.

ON SEPTEMBER 14 an Alumni “meet & greet” event was held in New York, when five alumni got together to discuss the establishment of a KTH Alumni NYC Chapter. The planned activities include networking, arranging cultural and academic events, supporting new graduates from KTH and promoting their alma mater in general. Initial contact person is Sebastian Nordgr?. The group hopes to hold a more formal inaugural event with representatives from KTH also in attendance.


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