New website for the Swedish-speaking job market in the New York area

Hanna B. JacksonSwede Hanna B. Jackson has launched the website  for employers looking for Swedish-speaking employees and Swedes looking for jobs in the Metropolitan New York area.

HANNA B. JACKSON – a 27-year old Swede from Stockholm living in New York – recently started the website – for the Swedish speaking job market in the New York area.
“I was surprised that there was such a demand and many opportunities for people with a Swedish background in the New York job market. While looking for a job myself, I came up with the idea of a website, where Swedish companies and others could post their openings and Swedish speakers could look for work.”

“THE GOAL is that the site will grow into a platform where Swedish companies with activity in New York and the United States, who are looking for Swedish-speakers, can advertise, so that employers and prospective employees can ‘meet’ directly on the site,” says Hanna, who just started working on a project-basis as a legal researcher. Previously she worked as assistant editor for the online lifestyle magazine “UrbanDaddy” in New York, and also did freelance journalism work.

HANNA, who grew up in the Vasastan section of Stockholm, is married to an Australian and has lived in New York since 2008. She says her childhood dream actually was to become a reporter and writer. “My father thought I was a good writer and was supported of me becoming one, but he suggested that I studied law to get some competence that the journalists who went to university to study journalism would not have.”

AFTER SPENDING 6 months in London after her high-school graduation, she started her law studies at the University of Stockholm Law School.
“The final push to study law came after a meeting with a successful lawyer at Sony in London, who was very inspirational.”
Now she holds a masters degree in law, LL.M., but also spent one semester at Poppius Journalism School in Stockholm.

DURING A YEAR off, taking care of her infant son, she decided that after all she wanted to practice law. “I realized that the way a lawyer works – the different cases, the information gathering, and the problem solving – was the way I enjoyed working the most. But it proved much harder in this tough job market to start a legal career than I had anticipated at first.”
“I am passionate about human and civil rights and have a great interest in immigration law, and I was looking at positions at international organizations and NGOs as well as law firms.”

“I THOUGHT it would be easier for me to find a position with Swedish as a requirement or advantage, or within a Swedish company. Going through many job sites and hundreds of listings every day, was both time-consuming and monotone. I heard about other Swedes in my situation and since I was going through all these listings, I thought I might as well collect all the Swedish-related ones, and create a Swedish job site in the New York area!” she says.

HANNA LOVES living in New York. “It is a challenge and a struggle to live in New York, but there is a certain feeling of unity, that I never felt in Stockholm,” she says. “It is wonderful, very inspiring, exhilarating and tough, with a fantastic social and nightlife.”

“A FRIEND of mine once described living in New York as a constant battle, and I can understand what she meant. It is hard because it is full of so many talented and amazing people who all want to succeed. Rent is expensive, and no one here is going to babysit you. But with this ‘battle’ comes a feeling of belonging, everyone who is here is here because they want to, and the battle is worth it because of all the opportunities and incredible experiences that New York brings.”

HANNA AND her husband Chad and their young son now live in Brooklyn, but they previously lived in Manhattan. She says that her closest friends are Swedish, but that she meets a lot of different people and has friends from a variety of countries, but notes that “New York is full of Swedes. I feel like I meet new ones every week!”

“AND RECENTLY I became a member of The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce, New York (SACC-NY), and attended a couple of their events,” says Hanna, who spends her leisure time enjoying New York’s amazing restaurants, or playing chess which is a new-found obsession.


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