Swedish Director Stefan Blomquist’s film ‘Miss D’ to the Cannes Short Film Festival

SWEDISH director Stefan Blomquist is taking his latest work to the short film corner in Cannes with the world premiere of “Miss D,” the story of a lonely cross dresser in New York City’s late glam punk 1990’s who after receiving a call from an ex-lover threatens to rekindle memories from a time far gone by and rupture the balance of a healing heart.

THE STORY IS a universal one, Blomquist says. “Making the right choices for yourself in life, in relationships and deciding you’re going to be happy has little to do with luck.” Still, luck was exactly what producer Mai Izsak-Niimura received when Lori Tan Chinn, Scott Speiser and Zuzana Stivinova walked into Tiandra Gayle’s casting room. With a plethora of experience in film and after having worked with a number of A list actors, Tan Chinn was instrumental to the comedic timing in this short piece as a cranky Chinese landlady in New York’s dingy lower east side. Similarly, Scott Speiser, formerly of the famed Blue Man Group and Zuzana Stivinova known for her extensive work as a leading lady in feature length films produced in her native Czech Republic, fit together nicely as forlorn lovers in a plausible relationship between a bad girl and a sensitive wig and spandex wearing jock.

BLOMQUIST IS unique in his penchant for recreating cult films that engage the viewer’s ability to reminisce with styled landscape and character driven content. Always fascinated with the bending of sexual genre, he is also an advocate and of original music and is already in preparations for the production of JACK, the story of an intersex writer working through the angst of a series of troubled relationships. The Cannes Film Festival takes place from the 16th to the 27th of May.

More information about “Miss D” can be found here http://registration.cannescourtmetrage.com/filmfiche2.Aspx?id=55081748.  
Media and press inquiries can be directed to kojenwa@zebra.nu or by calling 917.349.2030.


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