Amangansett Fine Arts Festival of The Hamptons took place July 6-8

Washington, D.C. based, Swedish-born artist Erica EriksdotterWashington, D.C. based, Swedish-born artist Erica Eriksdotter

THE ANNUAL Amagansett Fine Arts Festival( was held in the Hamptons July 6-8. Over 40 fine arts painters, sculptures and photographers of excellence in quality and presentation gathered to thrill and inspire the public.

AMONG THE artists represented at the festival was Swedish-born, Washington-D.C. based artist Erica Eriksdotter ( with her large flower paintings, bridal bouquets and bird portraits.

“THE HAMPTONS ARE so gorgeous, and you can’t help but feel creativity rushing through your veins as you view the brilliancy of these artists to the sound of the ocean in the background. It’s an honor to be a part of this fine arts caliber,” says Erica. “The response to my large colorful pieces was great, and I received some nice feedback on my new bird pieces I brought along as well, which is a new phase I’m exploring.”

Artist Erica EriksdotterArtist Erica Eriksdotter participated in the Amangansett Fine Arts Festival of the Hamptons July 6-8. 

Painting by artist Erica EriksdotterPainting by artist Erica Eriksdotter


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