Swedish Cultural Counselor Kristina Rennerstedt in Washington talks about the forthcoming cultural festival ‘Nordic Cool 2013′ at a SACU luncheon

SACU Luncheon in WashingtonCultural Counselor Kristina Rennerstedt, Embassy of Sweden, and SACU Chair Nils Bruzelius

KRISTINA RENNERSTEDT, Cultural Counselor at the Embassy of Sweden in Washington talked about the cultural festival “Nordic Cool 2013″ — www.kennedy-center.org — at a SACU (Swedish-American Cultural Union) luncheon on Wednesday, Sept. 26. The international festival, that will be held from Feb. 19 through March 17, 2013 at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, will highlight the culture of the Nordic countries – theater, dance, music, visual arts, literature, design, and film — and explore the interplay of themes central to Nordic life, such as nature, innovation, sustainability, design and youth culture. It will showcase the region’s dynamic cultures, creative economies and the cultural diversity of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden, as well as Greenland, the Faroe and ?and Islands.

IN ADDITION to the performing arts, the festival will offer New Nordic Cuisine, panel discussions and forums with the region’s most prominent writers and Nobel laureates, as well as a film series with Nordic movies. Among others, the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm, The G?teborg (Gothenburg) Ballet, and the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra will perform as a part of the extensive program.

IN HER REMARKS, Ms. Rennerstedt also discussed the differences between Sweden and the United States when it comes to culture and funding, and how cultural events are supported financially, either through private donations or by government.

Additionally, Sweden will be next year’s honored country at the four-week festival “Memphis in May” — www.memphisinmay.org –.   


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