Christmas cards by Swedish artist Leif S?dergren inspired by the rural, itinerant painters of the Swedish province Dalarna

God Jul.1.jpgChristmas card by Gothenburg, Sweden based artist Leif S?dergren, inspired by painters of the Swedish province Dalarna.

GOTHENBURG, Sweden-based artist Leif S?dergren is inspired by the rural, itinerant painters of the country’s province of Dalarna, during the years 1720-1870. His artwork is painted with acrylic paint on wooden panels.

THE LARGE FLORAL decorations (Kurbits), found in all his paintings are an invented, fantastical symbol of vegetal fertility, based on a gourd or pumpkin of biblical legend. Mr. S?dergren’s artwork can be viewed at

Christmas card by painter Leif S?dergrenChristmas card by painter Leif S?dergren

LEIF S?dergren has recently designed a series of Christmas cards – with English as well as Swedish text — based on his paintings. And they can be purchased in the United States through “Fine Art America” —

God Jul.3.jpgChristmas card, with Swedish text, by painter Leif S?dergren


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