‘Amerika — dr?mmarnas land’ (America – Land of Dreams), a recently published book by Klas Bergman, former correspondent for Dagens Nyheter

“Amerika — dr?mmarnas land” (America – Land of Dreams) – a recently published book by Klas Bergman, former Washington correspondent of the leading Swedish daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter

KLAS BERGMAN, Dagens Nyheter’s former Washington correspondent and a former foreign correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor, has made America his home for many years. From his student days in California in the 1960s to the World Bank in Washington, DC., and as communications director at the United Nations and Stanford and Yale Universities, he has spent much of his career in the U.S. Bergman is now a freelance journalist and writer living in Silver Spring, Md.

BERGMAN wrote “Amerika – dr?mmarnas land” (America – Land of Dreams) based on his years of experience in the U.S. It was published last fall by Carlsson Bokf?rlag in Sweden. He is now busy translating the book into English.

“AMERIKA – dr?mmarnas land” is a personal account about how America has changed and developed starting with the turbulent ’60s with the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War, through the years of the “Reagan Revolution,” the “war on terror” during the George W. Bush years, until now when the country has its first African-American president, Barack Obama.
It is about how boyhood dreams in Stockholm, Sweden came true and about how those dreams in the years that followed have been both bruised and strengthened. Bergman says that it is important to remember that America is a big country, and that there are many Americas, and that everyone should be wary of generalizations.

BERGMAN has promoted his book with several appearances with Swedish-American audiences, at events sponsored by SWEA and SACU in Washington, D.C., and in Minnesota, at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter and at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis.

HE MIGHT BE returning soon to Minnesota for research on his next book, which does not have a title yet but will be about Scandinavian and American politics.


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