The Washington Chapter of SWEA held its annual meeting on Thursday, Feb. 6 at the Swedish Ambassador’s Residence in Washington, D.C.

SWEA Washington DC annual meetingThe SWEA board members gathered at the residence

ON THURSDAY, Feb. 6 the Washington Chapter of the Swedish Women’s Educational Association (SWEA) held its annual meeting at the Swedish Ambassador’s residence on Nebraska Avenue in Northwest Washington.

THE SWEA membership voted in a new board for 2014, which consists of Officers Li Thornton, chair; Ann-Marie Brisbois; vice chair; Ulla Olofsson, secretary; Anna Lagercrantz, treasurer; and Directors Sofia Hassander, responsible for membership; Mari Norberg, new members and recruitment; Anne-Catherine Jansen, program; Kristina Bergsten Chereton, program; Margareta Yarwood, program; Ulrika Svenneke ?berg, program; Li Ansefelt Thornton, web editor: and Melissa Cressey, responsible for PR.

AFTER THE ANNUAL meeting the members were invited to a delicious buffet at the residence.

SWEA (, Swedish Women’s Educational Association, was founded in Los Angeles in 1979 by Agneta Nilsson and has about 7500 members in about 70 local chapters in 33 countries.


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