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The 10 Best Cities to Visit on Your Trip to Sweden: Full List

Sweden is filled with beautiful places just waiting to be explored. Every city is teeming with life and a storied history.

Don’t know where to start? Not to worry. We’ve gathered the best cities to visit when in Sweden and must-see tourist attractions and experiences to try during your stay.

Here are the best cities to visit when planning your trip to Sweden.

10 Best Cities in Sweden to Visit

Sweden is known to be one of the best places to live, travel, work, and more in Europe. Besides the beautiful cities they offer, their culture and unique way of life are also attractive to potential tourists who wish to visit the country.

They have a great blend of industrial areas, historic buildings, and a natural landscape and sceneries to enjoy.

Here are the ten best cities to add to your itinerary when you travel to Sweden.

1. Stockholm

  • Population: 1,500,000
  • Best Known For: Culture, fine dining, and a melting pot of cultures
  • Places to visit: The Royal Palace, The ABBA Museum, Vasa Museum, Drottningholm Palace, City Hall, National Museum, Gamla Stan, Moderna Museet

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, home to modern and traditional architecture that’s sure to catch your eye. It’s a great place to start if you want to taste Swedish life, history, and culture.

It’s also home to the largesScandinavia’snd most diverse urban area.

This archipelago has everything, from the most modern restaurants and shopping centers to the vintage and historic royal charms.

Stockholm is a city that’s difficult to summarize into words. You’ll simply have to visit it to get a taste of Sweden.

2. Gothenburg

  • Population: 580,000
  • Best Known For: Cafes, museums, and island hopping
  • Places to visit: Museum of World Culture, Liseberg, Aeroseum, Gothenburg Museum of Art, Volvo Museum, Skansen Kronan

Gothenburg sits on Sweden’s west coast near Oslo, the Capital of Norway. It’s another diverse city filled with many cultural events.

In January, they hold the Gothenburg International Film Festival, the biggest in Scandinavia, while the Gothenburg Book Fair is Europe’s second-largest book fair.

Its unique architecture is a testament to Sweden’s many influences over the centuries.

3. Visby

  • Population: 24,330
  • Best Known For: History and architecture
  • Places to visit: Visby Cathedral, Sweden Trot Academy, Hansestaden Visby, Botaniska Tradgarden

Visby is a famous city known for its medieval features and museums.

It’s a great place to see beautiful ruins and castles from the Gothic and medieval periods.

Visby City has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of how well it has preserved the city’s medieval features. It’s one of the cities in Sweden worth visiting to learn more about medieval history.

Visby’s cobbled streets tend to be crowded during the summer. Don’t miss the chance to attend their annual Medieval Week, where you can dress up in your favorite historical garb and enjoy related events.

4. Malmö

  • Population: 300,000
  • Best Known For: Eco-friendly lifestyle and diverse cultures
  • Places to visit: Turning Torso, Malmö Castle, Limhamn beaches, Malmö City Library, Sankt Petri Church, Lilla Torg

The third largest city in Sweden, Malmö, is known to be a melting pot of cultures. It’s the best city to enjoy modern architecture and varying practices and customs.

Malmö has also hosted the Eurovision Song Contest twice. This makes the city an ideal place to connect with the famous competition.

It’s a great place to enjoy international restaurants and modern shopping malls because of their progressive and eco-friendly way of running things.

It’s very close to Copenhagen, making it a meeting point for different Scandinavian cultural and linguistic practices.

5. Lund

  • Population: 90,000
  • Best Known For: Student life and history
  • Places to visit: Botanical Garden, Lund Art Gallery, Vattenhallen Science Center, Lund University Library, Drotten Church Ruins

Lund is the second oldest city in Sweden, filled with leafy parks and old lanes. It’s a city to visit in Sweden if you’re looking for a laid-back place to appreciate history and art.

Walk through the lovely old lanes and discover their 900-year-old cathedral, museums, and many galleries, allowing you to immerse yourself in Swedish history and culture.

It’s also known as a student city, giving the old city a youthful vibe and a progressive feel.

This city deserves a particular spot on your list of places to visit in Sweden, especially if you’re a fan of the arts and the past.

6. Linköping

  • Population: 105,000
  • Best Known For: History
  • Places to visit: KolmÅrden Wildlife Park, Linköping Cathedral, Fenomenmagasinet, Linköpings Stadsbibliotek, Gamla Linköping

Linköping is a small medieval city known for its walls and architecture. Built as a fortification, you can see the cobbled streets and buildings lined with more modern elements blending in with the past.

It’s home to some of the best universities in Sweden, making it the best place to learn about history.

Walk along their cobbled streets and enjoy the lovely cottages lining them. Enjoy a cup of coffee in a coffeehouse or traditional Swedish food in one of their lovely squares.

You can also explore the Swedish Air Force Museum to learn how this old city functioned during the more modern Cold War.

Travel back in time by discovering the old streets of Linköping City.

7. Uppsala

  • Population: 150,000
  • Best Known For: Nightlife, parks, and gardens
  • Places to visit: University of Uppsala Botanical Garden, Gamla Uppsala, Uppsala Castle, Museum Gustavianum, Sigtuna

Uppsala is the fourth-largest city in Sweden. It’s also considered one of the oldest cities, founded back during the days of the Vikings.

It’s also home to the oldest university in Sweden and Scandinavia, Uppsala University, one of the best when it comes to the sciences.

The large student body also gives life to Uppsala’s ancient streets, giving it a youthful energy. It created business opportunities for modern establishments, creating an excellent atmosphere for the new and old to co-exist.

8. Örebro

  • Population: 115,000
  • Best Known For: Boating and biking
  • Places to visit: Karlslund Manor House, Karlslund Cultural Reserve, Stadsparken, Orebro Castle, Grillplatz

If you’re interested in discovering historic buildings and green spaces, we recommend visiting Örebro city.

The strategic location of this city makes it an excellent place for hiking or ice skating during the winter. It’s surrounded by nature reserves, national parks, and numerous lakes, making it a beautiful place for outdoor activities.

It’s also close to Lake Hjälmaren, one of Sweden’s largest lakes and a notable landmark.

Just west of the city center is Stadsparken, where families can enjoy the surrounding countryside. It’s also close to Wadköping, an open-air museum with traditional houses showcasing the charming architecture of Sweden.

You can also enjoy exciting tours, whether historical or spooky, especially in the older buildings.

It’s a great city for families to enjoy a laid-back day frolicking across the green countryside.

9. Umeå

  • Population: 89,607
  • Best Known For: Culture and art
  • Places to visit: The High Coast, Bildmuseet, Guitars the Museum, Kvinnohistoriskt Museum, Umevatoriet

Umeå was declared the European Capital of Culture back in 2014. However, this city is still a bit of a hidden gem just waiting to be explored.

It’s filled with interesting museums, art galleries, and exhibits to connect you with arts and culture. They also have museums to help you learn about the indigenous Sami people.

It also has a university town filled with great restaurants and lively bars to try out.

It’s even a place for winter activities, like skiing and dog sledding. People also love to watch the northern lights just 400 km below the Arctic Circle.

10. Kiruna

  • Population: 22,906
  • Best Known For: Northern Lights and Indigenous Traditions
  • Places to visit: Taube Activity, Lapland Sleddog Adventures, Samegarden Museum, Husky Tours Lapland, Midnattssolstigen

Also known as the unofficial capital of the Swedish Lapland, Kiruna is one of the best places to visit during the winter.

If you’re interested in more adventurous activities, try joining a snowmobile tour or a traditional dog sledding expedition to explore the Arctic tundra.

If you’re looking for accommodations unique to the area, we recommend the Ice Hotel, which is appropriate given the city’s environment.

If you plan to visit during the summer, it’s the best time to witness the “Midnight Sun,” where you get 15-19 hours of daylight for 47 days.

15 Most Charming Small Towns in Sweden

Besides the large and beautiful cities, Sweden has small and charming towns. They can bring you back in time or give you a more homey feel.

If you’re looking for a charming old town to visit, see if you can fit some of these into your itinerary:

  1. Trosa: The whole town is home to many celebrities (like ABBA member Benny Andersson) with summer houses by the Trosa River.
  2. Simrishamn: Whether you’re a fan of nature and farmland or mysterious standing stones with Old Norse runes, this place is great for any tourist.
  3. Sigtuna: Founded by the Swedish King Erik Segersäll in 980 AD, this old settlement is a great spot to learn more about medieval history.
  4. Mariefred: It’s a pretty town outside Stockholm, best known for its 18th-century wooden buildings.
  5. Jokkmokk: Located in the northern Lapland province, this old town is known for the local Sami people and the picturesque buildings in the snow.
  6. Nora: Another little town with a unique aesthetic thanks to its traditional wooden houses.
  7. Molle: This fishing village is famous for its seaside resorts and erotic entertainment.
  8. Alby: This old town is filled with history and archeological evidence of farming communities dating back to 4000 BC.
  9. Ystad: Nestled in Southern Sweden, this is one of the oldest towns dating back to the 11th century, with the megalithic monument of Ales Stenar.
  10. Vadstena: Home of the country’s largest lake and sixth-largest in Europe, Vadstena is a great medieval town that will bring you back in time.
  11. Rättvik: This old town is best known for its farmland and exotic wildlife, along with its taste for trendy coffee shops, restaurants, and boutiques.
  12. Gammelstaden: It’s known for being the best-preserved example of old towns in Scandinavia, dating back to the 14th century.
  13. Luleå: This town is home to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Gammelstad, a university, several museums, and art galleries.
  14. Marstrand: This small settlement is another place where celebrities and wealthy Swedish residents go for shopping, the sea, and nightlife.
  15. Halmstad: This town is a great summer destination thanks to its beaches, traditional sailing boats, and golf courses.

These are only 15 of the best towns you can visit. The best part about Sweden is that you can explore more hidden gems as you travel.

Compared to bigger cities, a small town is where you can experience a laid-back lifestyle to help you reconnect with nature and history.

Best Restaurants and Cafes

Sweden offers some of the most unique cuisine paired with the best ambiance of their restaurants and cafes. Trying out their best restaurants is a must if you’re visiting them.

You can check out some of these restaurants to fill your stomach after a busy day exploring:

  • Meatballs For The People, Stockholm – Step away from the IKEA meatballs and try out this restaurant’s authentic Swedish meatballs with unique variations.
  • Syster Marmelad, Gothenburg – Enjoy innovative Nordic plant-based foods with organic wines on a summer terrace with a view of a beautiful Swedish city.
  • Kafé Esaias AB, Stockholm – If it’s not cold enough for you, this cafe is a great place to get an iced coffee with pastries.
  • Café Alkemisten, Gothenburg – Try their quality coffee and healthy snacks from growers worldwide.

There are more great bars and restaurants to discover, especially in the small towns.

Accommodation Options

When you plan on visiting Sweden, you must prove that you have a place to stay. It’s also nice to have a comfortable place to rest once you’re done exploring the cities in Sweden.

The best place to book your accommodations is on a website like Booking.com. You can compare different hotel accommodations and find one that would fit your budget.

Booking an Airbnb is common, especially with their unique accommodations. You can also choose affordable accommodations for larger groups.

However, camping is the cheapest way to go if you feel more adventurous. The Everyman’s Right allows ANYONE to camp anywhere in the country as long as they follow the general rules.

It’s best to book these beforehand since immigration and visa applications usually require proof of accommodation.


You might have more questions about where to visit in Sweden.

We’ve gathered the most common ones to help you get the most out of your trip.

What Are the Landmarks in Sweden?

There are many landmarks in Sweden for you to explore. However, there are some notable ones that we recommend:

Gunnar Asplund created the Stockholm Publick Library to feature a rotunda-shaped reading room representing Swedish architecture.

You can also check out Kalmar, a medieval castle on the eastern Baltic Sea coast, to travel back in time and see one of the most interesting

The Turning Torso in Malmö is one of the unique buildings in its neighborhood that serve as a residential and commercial area.

Check out the Klaralven River running through Karlstad in western Sweden if you want something more natural.

These are just some fantastic landmarks worth visiting you can discover while you’re in Sweden.

What Are the Best Cities in Sweden for Immigrants?

Sweden is known for being a great country for foreigners, filled with rich history and diverse cities.

If you plan to migrate, we recommend the larger cities in Sweden, like Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö.

These places are usually more open to English speakers and are great places to start a career.

Is Sweden Expensive?

Compared to other European countries, Sweden is slightly more expensive when it comes to accommodations and food.

Even gas is more expensive, making it better to use their public transportation, which is a great way to experience any city in Sweden.

We advise budgeting and making the most out of the more affordable ways to explore the cities in Sweden.

Conclusion: Should Your Next Vacation Be in Sweden?

Visiting Sweden won’t be cheap. However, adding it to your bucket list is a must, especially if you want to experience the rich culture and experiences.

If you plan to visit Sweden, we recommend setting a budget and being open to new experiences. Sweden has much to offer, and every city awaits exploration.

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