Best Jobs in Sweden for Foreigners: Which Jobs Should You Pursue? 

Sweden boasts world-class benefits such as health care, education, and lenient yet generous vacation time while having some of the highest-paid professionals.

The country is heaven for social welfare and high living standards, with one of the highest tax rates globally.

It’s no wonder migrants would compete for the highest-paying jobs in Sweden with such a great reputation and benefits for any professional.

For interested future migrants, here are the top 10 highest-paying jobs in Sweden right now for you to apply.

Sweden’s Job Market for Foreigners

Whether through an internship or as a certified professional, the Nordic country of Sweden is a land of great opportunities and social welfare.

New arrivals often seek the highest paying jobs in Sweden as entry requirements for Sweden are quite easy to qualify for.

All that is left is to complete the job interviews, and you are officially accepted into Sweden.

SIDE NOTE: Swedish citizens make commerce with their national currency, the Swedish Krona (SEK)

Popular Graduate Jobs

In Sweden, some of their highest paying jobs include the medical field, sales and marketing, software development, and engineering for you to pursue.

However, you would need an academic or profit degree to qualify for lucrative professions, so enrolling in their many colleges, even dental school is imperative.

You only need to apply online to acquire a work visa to Sweden through the Swedish Migration Agency as a non-citizen, which takes priority.

Skills Shortages

Sweden as a whole is currently experiencing a skill shortage from Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, all the way to Visby due to the following factors;

  • lack of important contacts from the international community
  • Swedish cultural competencies are lacking
  • No opportunity for work experience, resulting in low employability
  • Career counseling opportunities are not meeting the demand
  • A lack of knowledge about recruitment processes for the Swedish labor market

Summer Jobs

Sweden offers seasonal work for foreigners outside the EU and Switzerland to enter, stay, and work in a Swedish embassy.

All you need to do is apply for a seasonal work permit by applying the application form for a seasonal work permit, NO. 263011 and then submit it to the Swedish embassy.

No, matter how temporary, you can try to at least visit the most beautiful places in Sweden while within the country.


Like seasonal work, Swedish companies offer internship opportunities for foreigners.

Remember, there are laws in the country to make a living in Sweden as an expat or visitor that you can make the most out of.

Best Jobs in Sweden for Immigrants or Foreigners

Here is our list of the best jobs in Sweden for foreigners, with teaching having a high salary based on the country’s recent trends and data.

1. Marketing Director

A marketing director’s main objective would be increasing revenue by any means to ensure business growth with their proportionate salaries.

Under a marketing director’s purview, the tasks include planning, creating, and executing marketing programs as they assess data and trends to decide which plan is best for the company.

The main objective of a marketing director is to generate revenue. This will help create more business opportunities for the company and its partnering organizations.

Marketing directors in Sweden earn an average annual salary of 60400 Swedish Krona (SEK) and would need both experience and an academic degree in marketing or business.

2. Pilot

One of the most popular jobs is airline and helicopter pilot in Sweden, earning an average of up to 123000 in SEK.

A unique requirement for pilots is to be as skilled as a high-level surgeon because they are responsible for thousands of people on their hands daily.

Sweden has layered licensing steps as future pilots have to work with passengers continuously due to being responsible for them as a regular part of their training.

To receive said training, you can apply via an aviation college degree for pilot training in flight schools or get a student pilot license and private pilot license from the Swedish Air Force.

3. Teacher

Teachers are among the highest paying jobs in Sweden as the National Board of Statistics attests to the profession earning an average salary of 180000 in Swedish Krona or $16500 annually.

As a profitable professional path, this average salary dwarfs many jobs found in Sweden.

Many teachers are assigned to special education classes or high-needs schools, with higher compensation due to the specialized training needed.

Specialized teachers in one or many fields are often compensated more than typical teachers.

Some of the best jobs in Sweden are teachers for special education, teaching abroad, or being head teacher, with the very best being paid annually in 300000 SEK or $27400

College professors earn an average monthly salary of 80600 SEK and would need a bachelor’s and a master’s degree, even a PhD degree, along with 10 years of experience.

Besides being well paid for their craft, college professors are also expected to conduct research, publicize their work, and present at academic conferences.

4. Orthodontist

Orthodontists help patients improve their oral health by strengthening their teeth, addressing jaw misalignments, and routine cleanings and tooth repairs.

Orthodontists can earn an average monthly salary of 90600 SEK.

One of the most challenging aspects of the profession would be maintaining high expertise in diagnosing and treating dental problems effectively and efficiently.

This work also includes creating and fitting braces along with being able to counsel and advise their patients for general oral health and practice dentistry.

To be an orthodontist in Sweden, go to dental school. Doing so will help you earn a professional degree in dentistry.

5. Chief Financial Officer

The chief financial officer (CFO) is responsible for the company’s expenditures, tax, and income as key facets to any business’s critical success.

You can become CFO with a bachelor’s degree in business administration or a master’s degree in labor economics for a CPA license.

A CFO in Sweden earns an average monthly salary of 143000 SEK.

Finance professionals enjoy benefits from great vacation times to retirement contributions.

6. Bank Manager

Bank managers are among the highest-paying jobs in Sweden due to how several large financial institutions are among the country’s largest employers.

Bank managers earn an average monthly salary of up to 163000 SEK

Important Note: Many candidates can count themselves as the best bank in Sweden, from Nordea Bank AB to Swedbank.

Bank managers are the heads of customer service, financial goals, distribution, etc., wherever their bank branch is located.

Besides their business savviness, they would need credentials such as a business administration degree for supervising responsibilities.

7. Lawyer

The third highest-paid professionals are lawyers, as these certified practitioners advise clients in criminal and civil proceedings, undertake research, and prepare legal documents.

However, the training is long and difficult with long years of study and restrained personal lives, and the work itself is long and grueling.

Thankfully all the work and personal sacrifice are compensated with generous payments, as the average salary for a Swedish lawyer is around 880936 SEK.

It makes sense why being a lawyer is a very profitable professional path, as they significantly impact their clients’ lives within the courtroom.

Being a lawyer in Sweden would need a high proficiency in Swedish and excellent communication skills while gaining more professional legal experience.

All the while having previously earned a bachelor’s or a master’s of laws degree to be eligible to practice law.

8. Judge

Being a judge in Sweden is among the most in-demand jobs as they earn an average monthly salary of 141000 SEK, the SECOND most profitable profession.

Their high pay is compensation for many long years of professional legal experience, more so than a lawyer; they need a Bachelor’s or Master of Laws degree to be certified.

Judges are a step above lawyers as they decide whether people are innocent or guilty within the court as an arbiter between the case’s prosecutor and defender.

A judge would also train the jury while listening and interrogating the witnesses to make the most informed decision for their verdicts.

9. Surgeons / Doctors

Being a surgeon in Sweden requires high risk and a significant responsibility towards the very lives of people in exchange for a very lucrative career.

The path to being a successful surgeon will always have you learn and experience surgical procedures to remain competitive regardless of your background.

While working as a medical professional in Sweden, your salary can vary with your location, with the Swedish average salary for doctors numbering around $122000.

A Swedish surgeon would earn around $150000 annually in the same currency.

Both professions are in high demand to bolster and facilitate the country’s excellent but affordable healthcare.

10. Software Engineer or Developer

Software or system developer is in high demand as of late due to how several leading software development companies are based in the country as the industry grows.

You can expect a Swedish average salary of 45000 Krona per year with your understanding of computer programming languages and experience working with software engineering.

You would need strong analytical skills and knowledge in computer sciences to properly fine-tune a system developers’ software in Sweden.

You can easily become a software engineer in the country, either study computer science at a university and then work your way up or fund your own company.

11. Chief Executive Officer

The chief executive officer (CEO) is among the best jobs in Sweden available in the market despite the requirements for extensive training and rigorous study.

Their responsibilities include crucial business decisions such as a company’s strategy, goals, and public image, which the CEO became the face of the business.

Becoming a CEO requires extensive experience, a relevant degree in your chosen field, and instant and flexible leadership skills.

A CEO in Sweden earns around 101000 SEK a month while constantly cultivating leadership and management skills.

12. Engineers

Engineers are in high demand and with as many opportunities for those with the most relevant qualifications.

Swedish engineers can earn an annual average salary of $100000, double the national average salary of 46000.

Other high-paying jobs needing engineers include industrial engineering managers, project managers, and even software engineers.

The strong economy and the best engineering universities in Europe are other reasons

Thanks to these engineers, the best cities in Sweden to visit are both well-maintained and easy to travel into.

13. Sales and Purchasing

Sweden is famous for its excellent social welfare and high living standards but is just as famous for its market of goods and services.

The Swedish economy boasts the following:

  • High employment rate
  • High-salary jobs
  • Swedish purchasing power, which is one of the highest in the world.

Many goods and services are reasonably priced for Sweden’s citizens, with luxury goods in a similar state.

Both in an economic sense and even a more literal judicial one, Sweden is a safe country by European and even worldwide standards.

Those working in sales and purchasing can expect an annual average salary of 71200 SEK.

Frequently Ask Questions

You may know the average salary and most sought-after jobs in Sweden, but there are other factors to consider should you immigrate.

What Would Constitute a Great Pay in Sweden?

A family of 4 can get by on an average monthly salary of 2300 while living in Stockholm, the country’s busiest and most costly city.

In comparison, an expat could live off of 12800 SEK while in the other best places in Sweden and the same city.

It is considered a right for citizens from the EU or EEA to live in the country, making a living as an immigrant quite feasible and legal by the European community.

How Much Money Can You Make Doing a Part-Time Job?

You can earn around 700-1000 euros in Sweden or 11347 SEK monthly.

We advise that you consider not only your spending habits but also the Swedish living price, which generally should live purely on part-time work.

Such an example to consider would be how the electricity price in Sweden can fluctuate with the weather.

How Do I Find Employment in Sweden?

The challenging nature of employment in Sweden varies depending on the nature of your profession and how well you can speak Swedish.

However, there are always job postings and assistance from the Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen) for knowledge, direction, and help.

All the while, there are various privately owned employment sites for you to consider.

The benefits and privileges for new foreigners even extend to those moving to Sweden without a job, which is quite an easy feat to do.

Do You Get Paid When Doing Internships in Sweden?

It depends on the business offering teh internship, as some businesses offer refunds or allowances instead of regular payments.

Unfortunately, unpaid internships are normal in Gothenburg and the rest of Sweden’s cities and businesses.


Sweden is a land of great opportunities and prosperity you can gain if you move into the country.

Besides the obvious highly respected professions such as lawyers or doctors, some professions in Sweden flourish more than in other countries, such as teachers or dentists.

It will be confusing at first, but the benefits will make pursuing these jobs more than worth it.

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