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Highest Paying Jobs in Sweden: What Jobs Pay the Highest?

Sweden enthusiasts and people intrigued by the country are the last people to be surprised to know that the country has one of the highest paying employment worldwide!

It is amazing how a country that pays its employees well grants them amazing benefits like affordable healthcare and generous vacation time!

Moving to Sweden to look for another profitable job overseas may still be worthwhile despite its burdensome regulations.

Check the list to learn some of the 10 highest-paying jobs in Sweden and more about these jobs!

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Sweden 2023

Despite having the highest tax rates globally, Sweden offers impressive (and, more importantly, lucrative) career paths. Here’s a list of the top 10 highest-paying jobs in Sweden:

1. Surgeons/Doctors

Surgeons earn an average salary per month of 168,000 SEK (£14,500/$19,900), making them the highest-paid professionals in Sweden.

To be a successful surgeon in Sweden (or anywhere else) requires extensive training, experience, and comprehensive education.

While putting in long shifts and being on call round-the-clock, these medical professionals deal with situations involving life and death every day.

QUICK FACT: The Swedish economy has a high employment rate and many jobs with above-average earnings. The country has plenty of social welfare programs that contribute to their high standard of living.

2. Judge

The average salary per month for judges is 141,000 SEK ($16,700/£12,200), making them another well-paid position in the legal industry.

With wages up to 214,000 Swedish Krona, this is one of Sweden’s top careers and the second-most lucrative employment.

Judging is undoubtedly not “easy money.” This high-responsibility job requires several essential activities in addition to years of study and training, which support its high pay.

3. Lawyer

Lawyers in Sweden earn an average salary per month of 114,000 SEK ($13,500/£9,800), making them the third highest-paid professionals.

These certified professionals conduct research, prepare legal documents, and advise and represent clients in criminal and civil proceedings.

Anyone who wants to practice law in Sweden will need a Master of Laws or a Bachelor of Laws degree, sound judgment, and excellent communication skills.

4. Bank Manager

Because they have a lot of supervision duties, bank managers need to have shown management experience.

Relevant certifications, including a bachelor’s degree in business administration, are required. The average salary per month is 107,000 SEK (£9,200/$12,600).

The operations of Swedish banks, including customer service, financial goals, distribution, sales, and the training of bank staff, fall under bank managers’ high obligation and risk work.

5. Chief Executive Officer

Due to the challenging nature of the post, chief executive officer (CEO) jobs in Sweden have significant income potential.

CEOs working in Sweden earn an average salary of 101,000 SEK (£8,700/ $12,000.) Of course, you’ll need a relevant degree and extensive expertise in your chosen sector.

This occupation requires high risk, stress, personal sacrifice, and long working hours because it is answerable for the overall operation of a firm.

6. Chief Financial Officer

Average monthly salary: 94,000 SEK (£8,100/$11,100)

In Sweden, chief financial officers (CFOs) can earn up to 143,000 Swedish Krona monthly, placing them among the top earners.

A CPA license and a master’s degree in accounting, finance, or business administration are prerequisites for anyone who wants to follow this very profitable professional path.

QUICK FACT: The Swedish purchasing power is the highest in the world regarding online shopping. Swedish people rarely need to go into physical stores because they enjoy buying items online.

7. Orthodontist

Swedish orthodontists help patients improve their oral health and earn an average monthly salary of 90,600 SEK (£7,800/$10,700).

Orthodontists treat their patients by realigning their jaws, correcting their bites, straightening their teeth, and cleaning, removing, and repairing teeth.

To practice dentistry, one must complete a professional degree program, attend dental school, and be granted a National Board of Health and Welfare license.

8. College Professor

Those drawn to teaching and passionate about education can become college professors in the best Swedish universities, with an average monthly salary of 80,600 SEK (£6,960/ $9,500).

In addition to conducting research, producing academic publications, and giving presentations at academic conferences, college professors also instruct students.

Although it is difficult, teaching at the post-secondary level gives a high salary. You will need a bachelor’s, master’s, and, frequently, a Ph.D. to become a professor.

9. Pilot

Unsurprisingly, the experts who soar high are among Sweden’s highest-paid workers, with an average monthly pay of 67,100 SEK (£5,800/$8,000).

Prospective pilots have various paths, including attending flight schools or enlisting in the Swedish Air Force. There are also cadet pilot programs.

These pilots will need a student pilot license (SPL) and a private pilot license (PPL) to apply and be part of this job industry!

10. Marketing Director

Source: kiilto.com

The average monthly compensation is 60,400 SEK (£5,200/ $7,100).

Of course, a bachelor’s or master’s degree in marketing or business studies and the necessary experience are necessary.

For their organizations, marketing directors are boosting sales and generating business.

GOOD TO KNOW: (Software and System Developers) Software or system developer roles are highly in demand in Sweden, with salaries reaching up to 580,221.00 SEK per year. You will need extensive knowledge of computer programming languages and experience building and testing software. First, you could study computer science and then start your own business.

Factors Contributing to High Pay in Sweden

Some of the elements that go into Sweden’s high wages are listed below:

Education and Qualifications

Because they have a limited number of experienced workers, the Swedish job market is always looking for new hires.

Prospective hires can move to Sweden to look for jobs to take advantage of the higher average pay!

On the other hand, there is a significant increase in highly qualified positions and highly skilled workers, which should result in higher average pay.

Despite having a higher formal education level, a recently minted engineer with an MA degree who replaces a retiring engineer with a high school diploma may be initially less productive.

FYI: Sweden has a high need for engineers because of its strong economy and reputation for having some of Europe’s top engineering universities.

Gender Wage Gap

The average Swedish salary will differ depending on experience and industry.

Standard weighting was used to account for the explanatory variables shown by the statistics, and for 2020, a difference between the sexes of 4.4% remained unexplained.

Job Security

Sweden has the best re-employment rates in the industrialized world; according to the OECD, 90% of laid-off workers find new employment within a year.

The OECD notes that this is far greater than Portugal and France, which only put in roughly 30% of workers annually.

Qualifications and Job Requirements

The materials you must send as part of your application will differ depending on the industry and position.

Before beginning your application, you should contact the company to have an idea what they want and expect from you!


You’ll require academic credentials. This includes your transcripts, degree certificate, and other academic credentials.


It helps to have some professional experience, but it’s not strictly necessary.

However, you will require work experience certifications if you do.

This includes any evidence you may have of your employment history, like letters of recommendation or employment records.

Special Skills

Outline why you’re the best candidate for the particular job role by connecting your expertise and talents to the requirements listed in the job description.

Tips for Finding High-Paying Jobs in Sweden

Here are some pointers to help you locate well-paying employment in Sweden:


In Sweden, networking is an excellent first step to getting a job or an interview compared to simply sending out your resume and cover letter.

One of the best ways to network is to join an expat networking club like InterNations. You can even meet people working in the same city!

Applying for Jobs

Applying for a job directly with a company you want to work for could be a good option. On their websites, many companies list information about open opportunities.

If a company’s website lacks career information, you can contact them directly to determine if they will accept an open application.

Researching Job Opportunities

If you’re a foreigner having trouble finding employment, consider looking online! Several websites have job postings.

Remember to match the language of the job posting, so send your CV and cover letter in Swedish if need be.

TIP: Young people are advised to pursue work as tradesmen. Become builders, plumbers, tinsmiths, carpenters, etc. They will be able to launch their own company in that manner.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

The following are the most often queries regarding the highest-paying jobs in Sweden:

Is There Compensation for Internships in Sweden?

Some companies don’t pay for internships; they give refunds or allowances. The fact that internships are unpaid is also usual.

What Are the Potential Earnings of a Part-Time Job?

In Sweden, part-time employment salaries range from 8,295.18 to 11,359.72 SEK a month.

What Resources Are Available to Help Me Find Employment in Sweden?

LinkedIn is a crucial resource and can help find some of the best jobs in Sweden. Registering online with the Swedish Employment Agency (Arbetsförmedlingen) is smart.

Furthermore, networking is crucial, and Facebook provides many networking resources and information.

What Is the Average Monthly Salary in Sweden?

In December 2022, Sweden’s average hourly wage was steady at 188 SEK (2918.858 USD per month).

What Is the Swedish Public Employment Service?

Employers and job seekers interested in the Swedish labor market can obtain information, advice, and recruitment services from the Swedish Public Employment Service EURES.

Is Professional Legal Experience Required for Lawyers?

Yes. Working as a licensed attorney, barrister, or solicitor in a Common Law jurisdiction or instructing legal courses in an approved program is necessary.


Sweden is desirable to live and work because of its stable government structure, strong economy, and large social system.

Thanks to its strong social welfare programs, Sweden is a great place to live!

In Sweden, as in many other nations, the highest-paying positions are those that need extensive education and training, as well as commitment and significant responsibility.

Although starting one of these highest-paying jobs in Sweden is a long journey, the substantial pay is well worth the time and effort.

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