Article: Largest Cities in Sweden: What Are They and Where Are They Located?

Largest Cities in Sweden: What Are They and Where Are They Located?

Sweden, one of the Nordic countries, is a modern economic center in Scandinavia.

According to Statistics Sweden, the country has several large cities expected to attract visitors worldwide.

In this article, you’ll learn about the largest cities in Sweden based on research, statistical data, and findings.

The 20 Largest and Most Important Cities in Sweden

Sweden is home to several cities with many citizens and inhabitants. These are not only great places to live in Sweden but also to visit.

For example, we all know Stockholm as the capital of Sweden. The city, with its rich history. was founded in the 13th century and is home to many multinational companies!

Other cities, such as Gothenburg and Malmö, are also important due to their proximity to the city center and the rich nature implanted there! They were among the most beautiful places to visit in Sweden!

Here are the 20 largest and most important towns and cities in Sweden in this section.

  1. Stockholm
  2. Gothenburg
  3. Malmö
  4. Uppsala
  5. Upplands väsby Och Sollentuna
  6. Västerås
  7. ÖRebro
  8. Linköping
  9. Helsingborg
  10. Huddinge
  11. Jönköping
  12. Norrköping
  13. Botkyrka
  14. Lund
  15. Haninge
  16. Umeå
  17. Järfälla
  18. Gävle
  19. Södertälje
  20. Sollentuna

The capital city of Sweden and its face is Stockholm; it represents Sweden and just so happens to be the largest city in the country.

The city is one of the best worldwide for a number of reasons: amazing architecture, cultural landmarks, museums, and next-level public transportation!

Stockholm is the Swedish’s pride and joy; it is its economic, political, and cultural center; you’d likely believe you were Swedish if you stayed there for a while!

If Stockholm is Sweden’s largest city, then the second-largest city belongs to Gothenburg! The city is known for its thriving port, the largest in the Nordic countries.

Gothenburg is a major industrial and commercial hub focusing on shipping, manufacturing, and technology.

The city is an educational dream, with many prestigious universities and institutions!

The third-largest city in Sweden is Malmö! The city is known for its cultural diversity, modern architecture, and thriving creative scene.

Malmö is also a center for sustainable urban development. The city has several universities and academic centers, making it a hub for academic and scientific discoveries.

FUN FACT: Malmö is a bridge away from Copenhagen, Denmark; hence why there has always been a special relationship between the Swedes and Danes!

Population of All Cities in Sweden

Sweden has several cities with varying populations, ranging from small towns to bustling urban areas.

Many tourists and even the citizens themselves enjoy the place for its attractions like restaurants, cultural events, and historical buildings. Sweden is also a safe country for everyone.

Population density is never stagnant! It really varies widely across these places, with some having many residents per square kilometer while others are more spread out.


The place currently has over 1,700,000 residing people!

The city is known for its architecture, including the Stockholm Metro, which is often referred to as the longest art gallery in the world due to it featuring artwork and electricity.


It is located on the west coast and has around 630,000 residents.

This university town is known for its impressive buildings, vibrant student community, and cultural events.


The third largest city in Sweden houses approximately 330,000 residents.

Located in the country’s south and connected to Copenhagen via the Öresund Bridge, this city is known for its architecture, including the Turning Torso, the tallest building in Scandinavia.

In short, these three cities in Sweden comprise 1/4 of the country’s total population and are the most discussed places in the country for a reason!

Sweden’s Largest Municipalities by Area

The largest municipalities by area are primarily located in the northern part of the country, including the Stockholm archipelago and the coast facing the Atlantic Ocean.

Stockholm’s county population represents 22% of Sweden’s total population. According to Statistics Sweden, the biggest municipalities of Stockholm County are:

  1. Stockholm: 983,312
  2. Huddinge: 114,456
  3. Nacka: 109,127
  4. Sodertalje: 102,141
  5. Haninge: 97,238
  6. Botkyrka: 95,323

These municipalities are major urban locations with many companies, services, universities, and students.

Stockholm is the country’s leading and most modern city in the north and is connected by walk-friendly streets and efficient public transport.

These cities make Sweden a giant compared to other countries worldwide, with amazing business, education, and attractive tourism affecting people from Europe and the world!

How Many Cities Are There in Sweden?

With how successful and huge some of the places are, it should not take you to rocket science to know that Sweden is one of the bigger countries in Europe, having a total area of 450,000 square kilometers!

The country has several towns, with Stockholm and Gothenburg being the biggest cities. Uppsala, another important city, is known for its old town and location near Stockholm.

Many interesting towns are scattered throughout the country, each with unique characteristics and attractions.

According to available data, there are over 125 cities in Sweden, including the biggest cities and giants, Stockholm and Gothenburg.

These are also home to leading universities and a large number of students, making them important hubs for education.

List of Urban Areas in Sweden by Population

Here is a list of some of the largest urban areas in Sweden based on population:

  1. Stockholm (capital city)
  2. Gothenburg (second biggest city)
  3. Malmö (third largest city)
  4. Uppsala (founded city in the north)
  5. Linköping
  6. Örebro
  7. Västerås
  8. Helsingborg

As the capital, Stockholm is the largest urban area in Sweden! You will find your usual amazing restaurants and tourist attractions there.

Gothenburg is the second biggest urban location known for its great restaurants and cultural offerings.

Uppsala is a university city and an important urban area in recent years.

It’s quite nice to see that Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital city, is located across the water from Malmö! It makes for an easy visit and detour from Sweden if you wish!

List of Metropolitan Areas in Sweden

Here is the list of said areas in the country:

  1. Stockholm (the largest in Sweden and one of the largest worldwide)
  2. Gothenburg (second largest in Sweden, one of the biggest cities)
  3. Malmö
  4. Uppsala
  5. Västerås
  6. Linköping
  7. Jönköping
  8. Karlstad

Stockholm is the country’s number 1 and one of the largest places in the world! It has an old town, cultural institutions, and numerous entertainment options.

Gothenburg is the country’s number 2 and another of the larger cities and offers the people access to its many attractions, including museums, art galleries, and restaurants.

Uppsala is a major university city, making the Uppsala metropolitan area an important destination for academics.

Other larger cities like Malmö, Linköping, and Jönköping also offer their unique charm, vibes and access to cultural and entertainment offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have questions about Sweden’s largest cities, municipalities, population, or areas, this section answers some of the most commonly asked questions.

What Is the Most Expensive Major City on Sweden’s West Coast?

The most expensive city on the west coast is Gothenburg due to the high cost of living and abundant luxury amenities and services.

Do Rich People Live in Sweden’s Largest City?

Many rich people live in the country’s biggest city, Stockholm.

The city is home to a large number of wealthy individuals and affluent neighborhoods in Europe, as well as universities where students can take any course they like.

What Are the Popular Tourist Destinations in Sweden?

Some popular tourist destinations in Sweden include the Swedish Lapland, the Icehotel, the Vasa Museum, the ABBA Museum, the Drottningholm Palace, and the Göta Canal.


Sweden has many different places to visit, especially its biggest city, Stockholm. The capital is so much more than being the largest; it must be for Europe and Scandinavia as a whole!

Gothenburg and Malmö also play massive roles in making Sweden the place it is today!

With their large population, diverse cultural offerings, and thriving industrial sectors, these attract visitors and residents worldwide.

Whether you’re interested in exploring historic old towns or enjoying modern dining experiences, the biggest cities in Sweden have something to offer for everyone.

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